Hive Ambassadors

Need someone to talk to? Want to make friends on Hive but not sure who to start with? Or maybe you just need to know more about how Hive works. Our Hive Ambassadors are trained peer mentors who are here to help you. They log in regularly, so send them a friend request, or drop them a private message. They're all lovely.

Speak to us


The CLDF Young People's Team works Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm, and is here to help if you if you have a problem, or if you need to talk.


You can contact us through a number of different ways:


Telephone: 0121 212 6024

Text: 07860 021602.


Skype: youngpeople.cldf


We regularly visit hospitals too. News of where we'll be in the near future is listed here: 


Alternatively, you can contact us through The Hive account by clicking below:


If you would prefer to speak to someone closer to your own age, you'll find a number of Hive Ambassadors on the site. These are young people aged 16+ who also have liver conditions, who are here to offer help to their peers. 


Other ways to seek help


If it's something really serious, or if you can't contact us for some reason, please contact Childline on 0800 1111, or click below for their website: